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PERAK, Malaysia
Hello everyone. Welcome to my Blog. This is the first time I've created such blog. The theme of my blog is about animals.

Kuala Lumpur


Studies have shown that having certain animals as pets at home can help the owner in all possible aspect such as calming down stress and even being a guardian of the family.

           Do know that they are many pets that we can keep as a pet. Some of the animals lives in the jungle and some of the animals in the house. Can you tell me what are the animals that we can keep as a pet?If you ask me whether I have pets, well,   I have 3 rescued cats, a puppy, a duck that I picked up when he was still a duckling and a bird with broken wing.

           My family also takes good care of the stray animals that wonder around our house looking for food. Every month we spend about RM 400 to RM 500 buying food for them.

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